Our Story

Our name Metsik Toit, meaning “wild food” in estonian, revolves around the word play between the estonian words for forest (“mets”), wild (“metsik”) and food (“toit”).


“Metsik” (wild) indicates to our unconstrained attitude towards what food is and can be. The natural environment around us is full of edible potential, still we are not necessarily used to experiencing it as such. Our goal in Metsik Toit is to urge people to get to know and value the edible nature around them and to experiment with the flavours, textures and aromas of wild plants.


“Mets” (forest) is a truly characteristic landscape in Estonia, but also a significant cultural archetype and a place of escape and relaxation for estonians. For us, it is also a place of work. We forage from Estonia’s forests, but also from other natural landscapes such as seashores, wetlands and meadows, sometimes even urban landscapes, though always keeping in mind the principles of sustainable and ethical foraging and that the areas where we forage are clean from any kind of waste. The foraged food typically ends up in the kitchen tables of Tallinn restaurants, on Metsik Toit’s food experience events or gets used in our workshops and product development projects.

Who we are?

Metsik Toit is a platform for different activities and research projects that gathers people with various backgrounds, who are united by their interest in wild food and food culture.