Woolly Burdock

Arctium tomentosum

Burdock has rather unjustifiably the image of being a tedious weed. Though actually this powerful plant with big triangular leaves and dark violet flowers, is a valuable honey and medicinal plant. The honey obtained from woolly burdock is aromatic and dark, while the burdock root is known to have multiple medicinal qualities. Furthermore, burdock is also a versatile culinary plant. The young leaves and shoots that surface early in spring can be incorporated into salads and soups. The burdock flower stalks that ought to be collected before flowering, resemble artichoke hearts. When processed the stalks acquire a creaminess complemented by a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. The bulky burdock roots are valued for their crunchy and meaty texture and sweet flavour. In Japanese cuisine, burdock roots are widely used and typically added to stir-fry’s, stews or get fermented or pickled to be eaten as a side-dish with rice.