Sea sandwort

Honckenya peploides

Sea sandwort often coats Estonian sandy sea beaches with green clumps. Sea sandwort has developed succulent leaves and vigorous roots due to its desert-like inhabitat. With neatly arranged pointed leaves, sea sandwort resembles a miniature conifer that offers a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Both the leaves and stems are edible and contain a lot of vitamin C and A. Sea sandwort is often called sea cucumber because of its succulent crunchy texture and the slightly salty flavour extracted from the sea water. Sea sandwort is delicious when gently cooked in butter or oil and offered as a side dish for fish or seafood. It should be kept in mind that the delicate flavor and texture of this plant can get lost when over processed. Raw sea sandwort can be mixed into a salad, used as a garnish, marinated or fermented. In Iceland, where sea sandwort is a common food item, fermenting sea sandwort in whey is a popular preparation method.