Origanum vulgare

The tangy and aromatic oregano is a valued culinary, medicinal and honey herb. Oregano collected from wild nature has better medicinal and taste properties than the cultivated one. The estonian name for oregano — pune (referring to the colour red) —indicates that the flowering tops were used to dye wool to acquire orange-red colour, whereas black colour was obtained from the green parts of the plant. In Estonia, oregano is also called sausage weed as it is sometimes used to flavour blood sausage. Use the wild oregano as you would the garden one — add it to marinades, sauces, pasta dishes, soups, bread or pastry. Oregano is a great companion to vegetable, cheese and meat dishes. Though, oregano can also be used to make herbal tea or lemonade or flavor syrups, jams and different desserts.