Metsik Toit is a company dedicated to broadening the use of wild food. Our pursuit in Metsik Toit is to urge people to (re)discover and value the gastronomic potential of edible (wild) nature.

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What we do

We curate bespoke food experiences and conduct research projects around the contemporary uses of wild food. To advance food culture and propagate wild food, we organise various workshops.

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Our roots

Based in Estonia, we are inspired by the the region’s rich foraging culture and long history of diverse fermentation and preservation practices.

Food Experiences

Metsik Toit curates food experiences and arranges specialty dinners to introduce the delicious potential of wild food around us.

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Our workshops forward knowledge and skills on wild food, foraging, fermentation, tea and food culture.

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Collaborative Projects

We conduct research as well as collaboration projects around the contemporary uses of and advancement of wild food culture.

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